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Current Work: Research

I am an independent energy access research and implementation consultant. Most of my current projects are centered in Tanzania and Uganda and so I frequently travel there to support and implement them.

I have been involved in a variety of work:

Electricity access:

  • Conducting the Service Value Method in Tanzania and Uganda to support energy system design

  • Training facilitators in the Service Value Test

  • Designing energy systems including sizing PV, batteries, and specifying equipment

  • Planning and faciliating wider community engagement strategies to achieve community ownership and governance readiness for energy systems

  • Designing and implementing M&E strategies to assess impact of energy systems on key development indicators over time

Clean Cooking:

  • Monitoring cultural cooking habits and how these change with the introduction of modern energy cooking services in rural minigrids

  • Landscape study of how behaviour regarding eating habits is changing, focusing on eating outside the home - trends and reasons

  • Managing the deployment of battery-supported electric cooking in Tanzania

  • Advising on the integration of electric cooking appliances into rural minigrids

If you are interested in discussing a potential project or research activity, please get in touch via this website.

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