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Energy Access Research Consultant

Engineer - human-centred designer - community engagement specialist - researcher - practitioner

Originally trained as an engineer specialising in Energy, Sustainability and the Environment (Cambridge), I learned from and collaborated with social scientists during an interdisciplinary PhD (Oxford) and now champion a multi/inter-disciplinary approach.

One of my core interests is how we can fairly and effectively foster end-user participation in international development initiatives and projects, specialising in energy access. I design and implement methods to engage communities in the design and implementation of projects which impact their futures and achieve sustainable outcomes. I work to connect with people where they are and bring them to the design decision table. I try to bridge between a social, cultural and contextual understanding of local norms and practices, and technical engineering system design. I innovate on using social science understanding and insights to build more successful and sustainable development projects and infrastructure.

I am passionate about combatting climate change, pursuing social justice, and leaving this place better than it was when we started.

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